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Sugar Free Pickles

Bay Valley Foods has an array of products that meet the needs of today's health conscious consumers. We are continually working on new product offerings as well.

Powdered Non-Dairy Creamer

A hot cup of coffee just isn't the same without the rich flavor and luscious texture of Bay Valley Foods' powdered non-dairy creamers. For a treat, enjoy our Cremora® Light and Creamy that has 50% less fat than regular non-dairy creamers. We also offer Sugar Free, Lite and Fat Free versions of some of our most popular flavors for our private label creamers.

Egg Substitutes

People of all ages are discovering the nutritional and health benefits of this versatile product, made from egg whites. Our Second Nature® egg substitutes are made with 99% pure egg whites, are 100% fat free and cholesterol free and proudly bear the certification of the American Heart Association. Bay Valley Foods also offers private label egg substitutes with the same great taste and health benefits.


Sugar Free Pickles:

As part of a healthier lifestyle, many consumers look for ways to limit their sugar intake. To help meet this need, Bay Valley Foods offers a line of eight Sugar Free pickle products all sweetened with Splenda® so the great taste remains without the added sugar. With Sweet and Bread & Butter varieties to choose from, these healthier versions of top pickle flavors are a tasty alternative to traditional products.

USDA Certified* Organic Pickles:

Foods bearing the USDA Organic seal are produced without using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers made from synthetic ingredients, bioengineering or ionizing radiation.1 Bay Valley Foods is proud of our organic designation on a full line of pickle products that provide consumers with the reassurance of a high quality product produced under the high standards of the USDA Organic Program.

Reduced and No Sodium Pickles:

Bay Valley Foods is pleased to offer a select group of Reduced and No Sodium pickles for those looking to reduce their sodium intake as part of a healthier diet.

1 - Source: The National Organic Program website, July 2007


Ready to Serve:

Healthy SoupsAs part of a healthy lifestyle, try one of our varieties of Ready to Serve Healthy Chunky soups that an independent panel of consumers found to be a match with the leading national brand. These soups offer all of the flavor of a regular soup but with reduced fat and sodium levels.


Everyone knows that condensed soups are the basis for many main courses and side dishes. Bay Valley Foods provides healthier alternatives at mealtime that include Healthy, 25% Reduced Sodium and 98% Fat Free varieties of some of the top selling condensed flavors.


Available in both cans and aseptic cartons, our fat free/reduced sodium broths are a great way to add flavor to leftovers or to start a delicious homemade soup with less sodium than traditional broths.